Georgios Vergetakis

The experienced barrister, Georgios Vergetakis, has his office in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, where he provides reliable and efficient legal and advisory services to his clients. He is a graduate of the University of Athens Law School and has been practicing law since 1990, which means he has 25 years of varied and rich experience.

Georgios Vergetakis’ law firm covers a wide range of legal areas, providing immediate and efficient assistance in defending your interests. More specifically, he deals with civil, criminal, family and immigration law cases, and specialises in real estate transactions.

The experienced barrister Georgios Vergetakis will represent you responsibly and effectively, and will work to resolve any problems you encounter and to achieve your goals. He will be personally involved in your case, which allows him to fully understand your situation and to dedicate himself to achieving the best possible outcome in each case.          Learn about your rights and all the options and possibilities available in any given situation which is concerning you. Contact Georgios Vergetakis’ lawyers office in Agios Nikolaos, Crete to protect your interests!


The experienced barrister Georgios Vergetakis undertakes cases over the entire range of civil, family, immigration and criminal law. He offers high quality legal and advisory services to help you protect your interests. In addition, he specialises in real estate conveyancing, and undertakes the entire process.

In particular, his law firm carries out a full and thorough search of the ownership titles of the property at the local land register and cadastral offices, which protects you against any possibility of loss or fraud. It should be noted that property conveyancing deeds have to be prepared in writing in the form of a notarial deed and must be signed before a notary.

Georgios Vergetakis has been involved in property conveyancing consistently for many years and has dealt with all kinds of properties including residential property, commercial premises, offices etc. This means that he can bring all kinds of property transactions to a successful close directly, quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely. Finally he provides official translations to and from English, French, Italian and German.Do not hesitate to contact the experienced barrister Georgios Vergetakis’ lawyers’ office in Agios Nikolaos, for any clarification or information you need about anything that is worrying you


Georgios Vergetakis

Tselepi 5, Agios Nikolaos, 72100, Crete
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